We are farmers, committed to the hard work of partnering with God to experience growth. We are being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others.

We are a community of teachers, parents, business partners, computer technicians, engineers, and students, with a diversity of Christian traditions, from various states and countries, who share a desire to grow in a deepening relationship with God and to share that journey with others. The only common thread is that we have gone through the Theodyssey Nine-Month Journey.

We are Farmers, building off the familiar Theodyssey metaphor. We have three main goals.

CONNECT:  We desire to journey with like-minded people, connecting in person and online, to build the confidence that we are not alone.

GROW:  We are committed to a new way of being in this world: learning how to be made alive to God in Scripture, living a Sabbath rhythm, and journeying with soul friends.

TRAIN:  We are being equipped to bring the presence of Jesus to those around us, helping to transform lives and culture.

This is a new expression of Theodyssey, vital to bringing Jesus into the culture around us. This is where we are headed, and we welcome all who want to journey alongside.


We have planned various Farmer’s Co-op events, both online and in person. Explore the opportunities for connection, growth, and training.


We wish we could sit down for an authentic conversation over coffee, but that is rarely feasible. We are creating a podcast to have virtual conversations about things that matter.

Learning Center

Need ideas on how to lead a discussion in your Nine-Month group? Looking for resources related to Farmer’s Co-op growth and training experiences?

Farmer’s Cafe

Zoom is a platform for video conference calls and meetings. It is a way for us to be “face-to-face” regardless of location. We hope that Zoom becomes a “location” for us to find encouragement, resources, and inspiration to continue the journey as farmers.

Some instructions and helpful links are below. Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

  1. Click the “Join” button below to join the meeting by video. (For your first time with Zoom, allow a few minutes for download and install)
  2. Call in using 1 (408) 638-0968 and use Meeting ID: 806 445 2621


How do I download Zoom and join a meeting?
What type of computer or internet connection do I need?