We recognize that all gifts ultimately come from and belong to God.

This belief drives our approach and is the root of our unique financial policies found below. We never charge more than what is required to cover the fixed costs (i.e. curriculum). When people have a true hunger to experience more of Jesus, we want to offer that for free. Every gift, no matter the amount or frequency, is carefully managed to make the greatest impact and allow others to experience God’s life-changing love.  We are incredibly grateful for your partnership!


The easiest way to give is online, which streamlines the process for you and for us. We have created a Frequently Asked Questions page to address security and any other concerns you may have.


If you already have an account, you can login HERE.


We have a new app for both the iPhone and Android devices, allowing resources to be more accessible. We have a GIVE option on the app that allows you to give a gift within 6 seconds.


Please note: This requires a different login than the website.


You can also send checks made out to “Theodyssey” to the following mailing address:

Theodyssey Group
10556 Combie Road
PMB 6254
Auburn , CA 95602


If you choose to donate stock, our policy is to sell the stock immediately and turn it into a cash donation. Here is our brokerage account information:

Merrill Lynch
DTC #5198
Account #857-03262
Theodyssey Group

5. AMAZONSmile

If you ever use Amazon to fill any of your online shopping needs, you can donate to Theodyssey without paying an extra cent. Find out more about the AmazonSmile program HERE.  Click the link below to make Theodyssey your default ministry to support.


Financial Policies

We encourage you not to give to Theodyssey first.

Please consider giving first to your local church where you worship. Next, give to the tangible physical needs (famine relief, clean water initiatives, etc.). And finally, give to Christian ministries like Theodyssey. We are mindful of not redirecting Kingdom funds that God might purpose for others. We trust God to guide you as well as us in how to steward His resources. Our hope is that as people are transformed into the image of Jesus for the sake of others through the Theodyssey journey, they will in turn radically impact the church and those in need around them.

We offer our services free of charge.

We only charge for actual fixed costs, such as curriculum. In the early days our Board of Directors debated business models and cost structures. Through some pretty incredible circumstances, God made it clear that we were to “offer the gospel without charge” (I Corinthians 9:18).  And so we do.

We encourage participants to ‘pay-it-forward.’

Our hope is that those transformed by Christ through this ministry would in turn help support the work of Theodyssey for others.

We have almost no overhead.

Our staff functions in a ‘virtual office place,’ meeting via conference call, Skype, Go-to-Meeting or a coffee shop. We pay no rent or utilities and have almost no overhead. We’re committed to channeling our resources into frontline, face-to-face ministry.

100% of funds from curriculum sales go back to Theodyssey.

All rights and privileges have been surrendered by the author to Theodyssey.

Theodyssey operates without debt.

All of our bills are paid each month and on time. When we have a shortage of funds, our staff salaries are reduced. If the shortage for staff salaries is not recouped by the end of the fiscal year, they are written off to begin the new fiscal year.

Like any ministry, our Board of Directors projects estimated income and expenses through a budgeting process. Finances are managed closely by a board Financial Overseer and our Financial Manager.

We work at avoiding unnecessary expense and waste.

Our mailings are done at the lowest possible cost for production and postage. We try to optimize the use of email and social media to communicate as effectively as possible, eliminating the cost of a mailing.

We are not obnoxious about asking for support.

We are committed to financial transparency and honest communication with our partner.  When we make general fund needs known, it is in a forthright and non-manipulative manner, without pressure to give.

We issue tax-deductible receipts for all funds and materials donated.

To avoid the cost of extra mailings we send electronic giving receipts via email when possible. Comprehensive year-end giving statements are issued before January 30th following year end, in accordance with IRS regulations. These are also available electronically at your preference.

We will not sell or rent our mailing list to anyone.

No exceptions— your information will always remain confidential.

We appreciate each financial gift we receive, realizing it often represents sacrifice and a heartfelt desire to invest in God’s work.

We take all contributions seriously, and are committed to carefully and honorably carrying out our role as stewards.

A copy of our annual budget is available to anyone upon request.

This includes our income and expenditures, staff salaries and benefits, and any other distribution of funds. Other than donors’ individual giving records, which are confidential, all the rest of Theodyssey’s finances are an open book.

We keep careful and detailed financial records.

Major policy decisions are made by our Board of Directors and staff in consultation with others. Our financial statements are forthright, detailed and examined by an accountant. We are members and adhere to the standards of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Theodyssey is accredited with the Evangelical Counsel for Financial Accountability. Know that stewardship and integrity matter to us!